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Our specialist areas:

The therapies at Remedy Spa are based on individual therapy programmes which are arranged as you require them. The following information provides you with an overview of our treatment options.

Wellness Therapy: get back to your former self.

Whether it's rehabilitation following an illness, an operation, or recovery from an accident: we'll help you get back to your former self.

Massage Therapy: relaxation for your body

Massages are one of man's oldest healing methods and can assist in recovery from a wide variety of different illnesses.  Relaxation therapies are known to increase your happy hormones, endorphines.

Relax with us


Why not consider a one to one or even a small group meditation/relaxation session.  This form of relaxation is also one of the oldest healing methods.  We consider it to be a (back to basics) therapy.


A variety of other therapies are available, including:

  • Sports massage therapy (for localised injuries)
  • Remedial massage therapy (for chronic pain issues)
  • Cryo (cold) therapy 
  • Audio-sound therapy
  • Hot Stones massage therapy
  • Reflexology
  • Leg & Foot Massage
  • Neck Back and Shoulder
  • Face and Scalp massage 
  • Swedish


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